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Optimum Fleet

Optimum Fleet is Our innovative Fleet Tracking technology that helps you control and decrease your costs, improve operational efficiencies, maximize business profit, manage vehicle reliability, improve driver safety, and more.

  • OverThan 5000 vehicles.
  • A comprehensive insights NOT just a tracking and location app.
  • ability to customize and build up a new version tweak it to suit their needs.
  • Reduce Fuel and operational cost
  • Improve fleet safety and minimize risk
  • Extend vehicle lifetime
  • Manage and control your fleet effectively
  • Notification
  • Eliminate your fleet misuse
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Optimum Fleet


provides businesses with services and products enabling to organise and maintain fleet more efficiently with vehicle tracking, functions of monitoring and sending real-time reports and alerts – ensuring entire vehicle lifetime. We provide a 360-degree solution to all mobility needs of a company with top class customer centric focus and world class facilities.

Vehicle Tracking

This feature will help in tracking and managing the fleet movement with details on distance covered, fuel consumed, speed, detecting location. The system archives information of every fleet for one year and enables to look back on to your trips conducted.

Driver Analysis& Scoring

Access to drivers’ whereabouts and the drivers contact information is enabled. Track on the driver’s location, documents, licence and working hours can be viewed.
Full driving scoring depends on his behaviour that’s including; (overtime, driving style, violations, overspeed, harsh break, idle running, fuel used, etc…)
provide the alerts of over speed, harsh break, harsh acceleration, excessive idling, Etc.

Geofences & Landmarks

This feature is amazing and lets you add fences on to locations where the access is restricted and most importantly, you can add landmarks for easy access and travel to places.
You can get more information about your vehicle’s movements, behaviours of each driver and work hours in each site, the number of vehicles inside the geofence, the trips between the geofences.


This feature helps in optimizing the fuel consumption by tracking the speed and timetaken for distance covered. Helps in planning the travel in a more efficient-cost-saving mode

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Notification on traffic violations by the drivers and reports on violations can also be tracked through this feature.


There is flexibility in receiving the notifications through SMS, mobile app, in system or e-mails through this feature. Depending on prioritization, you can enable through which mode you want to receive the notifications.

Trip Planning

You can plan and schedule your trips in advance and manage your daily and weekly visits.
The features of our system will provide the best routes to have a hassle-free drive.

Mobiles Applications

With our iOS and Android apps you can easily access to information on your mobile phones.

You can now easily track, control, receive notifications and enable chatting with drivers and other members.

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Admin Tools

This feature enables you to create multiple access for multiple users and one can also provide and block access selectively to other users.

Temporary URL Link

Generate a temporary link for tracking specific vehicle/trip.
Send the temporary link to the client for tracking the specific vehicle.


Fleet Reporting


Driver’s Behaviour Notification Report – Maintenance & Spare Parts Reports – Distribution detailed Reports (Visited& Non-Visited points)
– Cost & Fuel Consumption. – Trip details Report
– Parking & Idle Running Time – Total Distance & Time
– Detailed Trips Report. – Traffic Violations
– transportation allowance – Daily& General Reports
– GEO Search (Track of vehicles in a certain district or street) – Daily& General Reports. – Parking Zone Report
– Trip Plan Path Reports – Trip’s Stops
– Parking History Report. – Fleet Allowance Report
– Driver Behaviour Report. – Back Box Door Report

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